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     I do not feel like a bad person


              deep down I know that something inside of me is { terribly }


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thug life: doing science, pulling shenanigans, making out.

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a questionaire for roleplayers


  • how long have you role played for: A little over five years!
  • your first rp fandom: W.I.T.C.H.
  • first character’s name: ummm Astral Drop Will
  • first character’s face claim: haaaah I had no idea what this was
  • first character’s species: clone? sort of?
  • last character’s name: QUERL DOX CLEARLY
  • last character’s face claim: I don’t have oooone because nnn so hard to find a good one
  • last character’s species: Coluan
  • do you prefer tumblr or forums: ehhh it depends
  • have you roleplayed with someone you know irl: nooope
  • what is your favourite genre of rp: LONG TERM DEVELOPMENT STUFF training and non-romantic relationships and hnnngh character development please
  • what is your least favourite genre of rp: animal, smut, or post-apocalyptic? BOARDING SCHOOL GENRES GET OLD AFTER AWHILE
  • if you could change one thing about the rp community, what would it be: EDIT WAIT NO I KNOW WHAT please people OOC does not equal IC and IC actions have IC consequences please sob i have had so many horrid things because of lack of understanding of those
  • how long has a plot lasted for you: years ngl i’ve kept the same plots going for years
  • are you open for plotting: FOREVER AND ALWAYS
  • do you have any restrictions when it comes to plots: not really anything?? just like the basic no smut and we’re good
  • what fc are you craving to play as of late: nooot right now got no one

Post-Series AU || I need you.


"Not really, but you might be more comfortable if you wore them. Warmer too… It can get kinda cold in here at night since my mom likes to keep the air as freezing as possible." She begins to fold her arms and rub them up and down. Just thinking about night in her room…

Querl looked uncomfortable, Sally still wasn’t sure what to say to ease him… She guided him into her room and pulled out some baggy pajama bottoms and a loose shirt. Loose for her, anyway. Maybe he’d find it comfortable.

      “I’m sure a nap will help out a lot. I’m gonna go in my moms closet and see if I can find any big comforters. Just in case we get colder.”

Oh. Warmth. That was… something he needed to think about, now, adjust to, and the thought of yet another thing to process and remember troubled him. It was not that he was uncertain he would remember it - it was unlikely that he would forget things, even with this altered brain, he just had to learn how to configure it correctly - it was more that he wasn’t sure how much more there was to discover. For those that had been organic from birth? Simple - learning as it became relevant and going along. For him? Everything was relevant, all at once - another reason he had come to Sally, for she would know.

"I… see," he managed slowly, probably late to reply. It felt as if he was in a daze, an exhausted daze - he hadn’t slept yet hadn’t figured it out yet of course he was - just operating on nothing but adrenaline and now that was slowly decreasing in usage. Sleep would be good - he didn’t think it would be just a nap, though. For Sally, perhaps, but he… he hadn’t slept yet.

The next moment - even though he knew it couldn’t be the next moment, it had to have been longer than that - he was sitting on the bed. Perhaps Sally had guided him there, perhaps he had done so, but now he could not recall.

Yes. Rest would be good.

"…Alright," Querl managed in reply, quiet and barely responsive, taking the clothes and not even waiting for her to go before he unzipped the front of his suit, revealing a black tank top and black boxers underneath. Unfortunately, while he could open it, getting it off was a bit of a difficult task. He frowned at the sleeves, squirming and yanking at them in order to get them off, bending his arm and yanking it back hard, elbow and all, so that he managed to get it off. Repeat process with the other arm.

Probably more effort than necessary.

Pulling it off via the bottom was next, and Querl managed to yank it down his hips and legs - very nearly losing his other bottoms in the process - only to be foiled by the boots at the bottom. He blinked for a moment down at his feet, surprised, before sitting down once more in order to be able to pull them off… the rest of the suit quickly following.

Dressing was easier - the shirt went on over top, loose and easy, and the pants took but a moment of contemplation before they made it on. Pink. He did like pink. (Upon reflection, the Coluan was certain he would not have had this much trouble had he actually slept upon becoming organic.)

Suit off and on the floor, pajamas now on, and all that’s left to do was to wait for Sally… the boy sagged back, flopping onto the bed, legs hanging off the side. This was… nice.

His eyes closed.

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     how can I sing

w h e n

              I am still trying not to

{ scream }


I just want to go home

                                                     where ever that is 

[ im srry bby and it’s okay i understand :( we dont have to talk about that stuff anymore. sometimes kids that age just… Maybe one day soon she’ll learn not to disrespect her awesome sister u_u ]

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